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Tuition fees 59883 Campaign

Hi my name is Maite Meuriel Ntelele and I am a postgraduate student at the university of Johannesburg. This year has been rocky and I do not have funding, meaning that I will not be able to graduate. I come from a disadvantaged background whereby both my parent's income does not add up to the middle-income threshold. My mother is a sassa recipient while my father works as a security guard at a farm. Obtaining this degree debt free will mean and help a lot. I will be able to apply for jobs and achieve my dreams. Unlike other individuals I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, therefore, all my achievements were a result of my hard work and perseverance.

I joined Backabuddy crowdfunding to help me fundraise for my student debt. Currently, I am sitting on a debt of R90832.00, which is an amount that I cannot pay on my own. I would like to ask for as little as R100 to pay off my debt. Note that by donating you are breaking another generational curse and helping to fulfil a dream. Your donation is highly appreciated and please refer one and one will refer another. Together we can.


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R 90 832.00

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