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Need Emergency Rent Assistance Campaign

I'm Shange Makabongwe, a third year student at UKZN Westville Campus(student number:221004742). I received the BSc LES offer without residence and have been living at a private accommodation(not registered at school) therefore,  NSFAS does not cover the rent. I only received a home allowance from NSFAS (R2 400) which is not enough for my monthly rent (R3 700). My mother helped fill the rent, buy groceries and with transport fees (R500 monthly) as Campus busses don't pass by pitlochry road and it's not a walkable distance to campus either. My mother lost her job last year and it was hard to pay rent in full. I now have a huge rent backlog from last year(R22 000) and need help to reduce it. I worked part time jobs during the festive holidays but it's still not enough. Receiving this amount will a huge difference on my life as I'm now looking for a more affordable place to stay so that I can finish my degree this year


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