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Final Year Student Debt Campaign

I was doing my final year at Nelson Mandela University when I encountered my problem. While only left with 5 modules to finish my diploma in Mechanical Engineering i recieved funding from NSFAS. During my final year even though I recieved an email and confirmation from school that I had funding NSFAS refused to pay. As a result I had a debt of R70 000 to the school as the school had covered my Tuition, Accommodation, Meal and Book allowance for the year.

Since NSFAS usually takes a while, usually up to 6-8 months to pay, the school has a process where by they pay the expenses for NSFAS funded students then get the money back when NSFAS pays to help the students to not feel or suffer because of NSFAS's late payment. When NSFAS refuses to pay the student is then indebted to the school. That is how i aquired the debt.

The debt has made it such that I cannot finish my Diploma nor get a job with the progress I have made as the school won't release my academic record without me paying the debt.


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