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My name is Mandy Hendricks.Im creating the account on behalf of my friend Esther Brandt,many would remember her as the mother of late Sharon Rose Brandt who passed away on the 31/05/2021.It has come to our attention now that her sister inlaw Renee Olivier was diagnosed with breast cancer-kindly see her story below-
My name is Renee Olivier, I'm 44 and the mother of 3 boys...
Diagnosed breast cancer March 2021
Had a lumpectimy in May 2021
Started Chemo 6 sessions
Had 30 sessions of Radiation starting in November
Went on a hormonal tablet
Was in remission for 3 months
3 months later went for a check up & my doctor was concerned with my liver enzymes
Went for a CT scan & it showed a lezion 5cm big 
Went for biopsy and showed that cancer had spread to my liver in August 2022
Referred to public hospital in May 2023 where I started on chemo tablets...

Recently I began having lots of pain in my lower back and pain & bloatedness in my abdomen area. On informing them about the pain, I was given pain meds, but this didn't help. Each time I'd see a different doctor and was just told to continue with my chemo meds & pain tablets. I was initially told they'd do 6 cycles of medication and then do a scan. Now I'm being told that I must do another 2 cycles i.e. another 2 months at least. I know my body and could feel that the increasing pain was not normal. My final frustration was this past week, when I called in to the public hospital & was told to go in to truama. Upon arriving at truama, I was told that they don't deal with cancer patients and sent to oncology. At oncology, I was told that the doctors couldn't see me that day, as they had to attend a meeting and that I must come the next week Wednesday...

My husband was unemployed from June 2022 for about a year. During this time our medical aid lapsed...My husband has started working again, but we now have to wait for 12 months before I can benefit from the use of Medical Aid and going to a private hospital.

I am in need of any financial assistance so I can go to a private hospital, get a proper scan done and receive treatment that can give me better chance of survival and treating the cancer.


Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donations to date

R 70 801.88

Donor Messages

You & your family are in my prayers dear friend
Keep my fingers crossed!
I pray God is with you and your mom Michael. You are so strong and your efforts to help her will not go unnoticed. All will be well
Rooting for you and your family all the way! ❤️
My thoughts are with you Michael ♥️🙏🏾!
Get well soon❤️‍🩹

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