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Growing up in a musical house hold with her mom being a choir conductor,Marcia started making music at the age of 13. She describes her first composition as “simply playing around,”recording a few chords on a keyboard at home, recorded on a cell phone.This led to a collaboration with her mom titled “Mom and Daughter” that saw the duo performing in school and university halls for a few years. With a growing passion for hip hop, she later taught herself to record beats and loops while composing rap music.

Over the years, she has continued to master her song writing, composing and engineering skills. Marcia reached the top 100 in Idols, the top 48 in Coca-Cola Popstars and the top 10 in Vuzu Hustle. She ran a musical studio in Phoenix for two years, where she worked on various compositions forUgandan musicians throughout the full creative process, has composed music for South African artists including Toya Delazy and arranged music for three live local theatre shows. 

Never one to stop learning, Marcia taught herself to use video recording cameras which also led to her playing an active role in creating visual arts. Most recently, she joined the Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers (NEWF)Composers Lab where she applies her talent both as cinematographer and as a composer, to films that are led by this initiative, run in collaboration with NationalGeographic. 

Marcia is part of the team that recently won an award for best original music category at the Jackson wild media awards 2023 in the USA(Jackson hole). They also won an award for best music score and sound in the PWFF awards (Kenya).

My goal is to become one of the greatest music composers in the world. I have a full time job and I support my family which for now does not give me the flexibility of investing in new equipment.

The equipment I have was purchased by my mum 7 years ago and is warn out.

I am asking for assistance in upgrading or purchasing new items. In the industry that I belong to quality is everything. 

Please consider this as investing in a strangers dream (Goal). 

Thank you for your support

Paypal - [email protected]

Items : Roland RH-A7 Monitor headphones (R2305 - $119 )

M audio oxygen 61MKv 61 key midi(R4910 - $255)

Universal Apollo audio interface (R26600 - $1370)

Studio monitors KRK 5 G4 (R8765 - $450)

Total : $2194 (R42783,04)

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