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Distraught Pensioner Plea Campaign

I am a 71-year old retiree from South Africa. When I retired, I was contacted by a ‘financial advisor’ from Sandton, Johannesburg who offer me a better ROI on my pension fund. The ‘financial advisor’ kept on requesting more and more funds. I withdrew all my hard-earned money which I saved during the 42 years that I was working as a medical technologist. Needless to say that the so-called ‘financial advisor’ disappeared into thin air. I opened at docket at the local police station, but to date(10+ year later) nothing has been forthcoming. Subsequently, I met a PI who was willing to take on my case. I paid an initial fee however, he started asking for money. When I refused to do so, I was telephonically informed that I was on his hit-list. I fact, the following day, I saw him sitting in his car and looking down the drive-way. When I reported the case to the police, I was informed that he was on parole after being incarcerated (20  years) for attempted murder and possession of illegal weapons. He and his female friend were referred to as the “Bonny & Clyde of the Northern Cape”.  I will be most grateful to you for any assistance thus enabling for me to spend the last days of life stress-free I thank you in advance


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