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Billy, my 7 year old Great Dane was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on the 12th of August 2023, with a tumor on his hind leg but no visible metastasising to his lungs yet. Without conventional treatment (chemo/surgery) the vet gave him roughly 3 months to live as this is an extremely aggressive cancer. However, conventional treatment also does not have a good prognosis and would roughly add another 6 months to his life. So I set out to search for alternative treatment options. After consulting with many holistic practitioners, I opted to take him to Dr. Anita Schwan, a holistic vet in Pretoria, as she comes highly recommended for alternative oncology treatments. 
Dr Anita, together with another integrative TCVM vet, Dr. Heather Nixon that is closer to me, a Kinesiologist, and an animal nutritionist we put together a holistic treatment program for Billy. It is now 3 months into the program and he is still doing well, still no metastasising yet and the tumor also has not grown any bigger! Which seems like the program is having a positive outcome so far. 
Billy is on Chinese herbal cancer meds, western herbal meds, homeopathy, therapeutic medicinal mushrooms, medicinal cannabis, a specialised protein diet, various vitamin/mineral supplements and he is receiving regular acupuncture. It is however very expensive and I can not afford to upkeep this. He is on pet medical aid but they only have a small amount available for alternative treatments and I have already exhausted this. Thus I am reaching out to the doggy lovers community for financial aid to continue with this program to give Billy the best shot at fighting for his life! He is such a goofy, gentle sweet sweet soul and deserves me trying my best to help him!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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