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I'm Marielle Hobson, a passionate 3rd year industrial engineering student making strides in the STEM world. My passion for business, industry, and engineering has not only been theoretical. I've been incredibly fortunate to work at and have internships with over 9 companies spanning the start up space, investment ecosystem, healthcare, and art world. Each experience has been invaluable, shaping my perspective and reinforcing my determination as a future industrial engineer.

However, life has its curveballs. Two years ago, the world shifted beneath my feet. Family challenges, namely my father's Bipolar disorder which left him in a care facility, unable to provide any support, and a painful decision to leave an abusive household, meant I had to step up. Financially, I've been completely on my own, juggling tuition costs, daily expenses such as groceries and transport, and the weight of my dreams. Because of this, I have had to commit to working part time on top of my full time degree in order to provide for myself. 

This year, my varsity workload quadrupled, which has made it quite tough to put time into making enough money to pay off my tuition fees (ironic, I know right...) For 2023, I need R91,301.00 for my tuition. I've hustled, saved, and gathered R30 000, but there's still R61 301 to go. This isn't just about numbers on a paper – it's about a future, a beacon of hope, and a testament to resilience. It's my shot at not just empowering myself, but also making a difference for others in the future.

If my story resonates with you and you are in any way able to help my cause, I would be eternally thankful! Simply sharing a link to this page would be amazing. 

All my love and gratitude,



Fundraising target

R 61 301.00

Donations to date

R 61 314.08

Donor Messages

Keep on going!
C, W & F
Don't know what we would do without you! You are so incredibly strong, resilient and intelligent - not long until you're almost done! So much love for you always xxx
You've got this!
Can't donate much but this is my small message to say keep working hard and fighting for your dreams.
Good luck!
Doll I’m so proud of you!! You’ve done so amazing! From being fully financially supported to being fully financially independent! You’ve done it all and I can’t tell you how much I love you and look up to you missy! I wish I could pay for it alll!!
Good luck striving for your dreams and making this world a better place for everyone to live in
Reach for the stars, the sky is your limit. You only deserve only the best.

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18 Oct 2023 R 2 500
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18 Oct 2023 US $ 2 610
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11 Oct 2023 R 1 350
Hawa donated R 200 via BackAnEngineeringStudent
05 Oct 2023 R 200
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02 Oct 2023 R 500