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Hi my name is Mariette and I am a friend of this lovely man Pat Henderson. Pat is in desperate need of our help, he urgently need a place to stay and some finances for food and transport to and from hospital, he is recovering from and still receiving treatment for skin cancer, Melanoma.

Pat really had a hard life, refugee from the Kenya war, then from Zimbabwe, worked in South Africa for years but it didn't always go well and was living on the streets for a time.
He doesn't have any papers to proof he was or is a citizen of a country and although he has been in South Africa for many years he can't get his citizenship here because of a lack of paperwork. So no old age pension at all. 

Pat is already 77years of age and can't work anymore therefore not able to look after himself. Pat has no family so it's in desperation that we asking for help for Pat. 

We would like to put him in an old age home where he can be looked after and have a daily meal. He so deserves it, he is kind such a hearted soul. Don't want to see him sick and old on the street. 

Please friends, family and kind hearted strangers, let help him it's nearly Christmas and we want to be with family having a good time, Pat will have nothing if we don't help him.

May God bless you as you open your heart and hand to others in need. 

We thank you so much in advance. 

The amount asked for is just a start for him to be housed, clothed (as Pat urgently need shoes as well) and fed for now until we can get a proper quote at a old age facility. 

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