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Hello everyone! My name is Maritha Nel, and I'm reaching out to you today because my mom needs your support. She is facing a significant health challenge that requires a laminectomy surgery, and we are seeking assistance to cover the medical expenses associated with this procedure.
For the past year, she has been living with chronic back pain caused by a herniated disc. This condition has severely impacted her daily life, making it difficult to perform simple tasks, enjoy activities she once loved. Despite trying various non-surgical treatments, her condition has progressively worsened, leaving us with no choice but to pursue a laminectomy surgery.
What is a Laminectomy?
A laminectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing a portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. This procedure aims to alleviate the excruciating pain, numbness, and limited mobility caused by my herniated disc.
Unfortunately, the cost of the surgery and the associated medical expenses are beyond what she can afford on her own. Being pensioners without medical aid we nee all funds to cover pre-operative tests, surgical fees, hospital stay, post-operative care, and rehabilitation.
I have set up a Backabuddy campaign to raise funds for my mother's laminectomy surgery. Any contribution, no matter the size, will make a tremendous difference in helping her get the treatment she urgently needs. Your support will not only alleviate her physical pain but also give her the opportunity to regain her independence and improve her overall quality of life.
If you are unable to contribute financially, I completely understand. However, you can still make a significant impact by sharing my Backabuddy campaign with your family, friends, and social media networks. Spreading the word and raising awareness can help us reach a wider audience and increase the chances of reaching our fundraising goal.
Be blessed

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Sterkte tannie!
Met baie liefde
Word gou gesond liewe tannie Hennah!
Get well soon !
Tan Hennah. Met baie liefde!

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Elrina donated R 500 via Ma Hennah Laminectomy
05 Oct 2023 R 500
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27 Sep 2023 US $ 113
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26 Sep 2023 US $ 12
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25 Sep 2023 US $ 1 081
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25 Sep 2023 R 2 000