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Marlene Medical Campaign Campaign

In January 2023, Marlene faced a harrowing motorcycle accident, leaving her with life-altering injuries - a punctured lung, internal bleeding, and shattered ribs.

After nine months of enduring excruciating pain, she's gearing up for a vital rib reconstruction surgery this Wednesday.

Marlene's strength is awe-inspiring, but she can't face this battle alone. We, her friends and fellow bikers are urgently seeking financial aid to alleviate her mounting medical expenses. Every contribution, big or small, will help Marlene heal and regain her passion for riding.

Your contribution will ease Marlene's financial burden and ensure she gets the care she deserves.

Your support brings hope back into Marlene's life. Please donate and share this campaign widely. We promise to keep you updated on her progress. Let's help Marlene ride again!

Thank you for your kindness,

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