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My name is Marléne, and I'm reaching out for support in covering my medical expenses following my second Craniotomy to remove a brain tumor.

In 2021, at the age of 25, I began experiencing Tonic Clonic seizures. Despite being on high doses of anti-epileptic medications, the seizures persisted. This was particularly challenging because I was also pregnant with my daughter, who was born in July 2022.

The turning point came when, during a pediatrician's appointment for my daughter in August 2022, I had a seizure and was subsequently hospitalized. An MRI revealed a golf ball-sized tumor in my occipital lobe, which was likely the root cause of my seizures.

In October 2022, I underwent my first Craniotomy to remove the tumor, but it was unsuccessful as only a minimal portion was excised. The seizures persisted, and my neurosurgeon prescribed additional medications.

Seeking a second opinion, I learned about the "failed" craniotomy and the need for another operation to completely remove the tumor. In the second Craniotomy, the tumor was successfully excised, and I have been seizure-free since.

While I have medical insurance, it did not cover the entire cost of the surgery, leaving me with medical debt that I cannot manage on my own.

I am humbly asking for assistance to settle this medical debt. Any support would be greatly appreciated. Your contribution will make a significant difference in my life.

Thank you for considering my request.

With sincere gratitude,


Donor Messages

You’ve got this Liefste. Ek dink aan jou always ❤️ Love you to bits xx
Iets klein wat hopelik 'n groot verskil kan maak. Baie sterkte! ❤
Love you❤️ Sterkste mens❤️
Baie sterkte, ons dink aan jou!!!
Ek bid vir jou net voorspoed en dat jy sal vashou aan die Hoop.
Ek bid dat die Here Sy hand oor jou hou en sommer baie mense se hande oop maak om jou te help. Ek hoop die bietjie help. Soos ek dit kan bekostig sal ek donate. 💕
Teresa Crous
Hoop die bietjie help... Sterkte en ons dink aan jou!🩷
Lynda Links Brotherton
Thank you for helping Rose ❤️ Often it is knowing we are not alone that counts

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14 Nov 2023 R 500
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