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Study Loan 63696 Campaign

Dedicating half my salary to student debt, I'm reaching out for support to ease this burden. Your contribution is crucial in helping me reclaim financial stability, allowing me to redirect funds towards crucial needs like housing, healthcare, and building a secure future. Every bit counts in this pursuit of breaking free from debt's grip and embracing a life not dictated by financial strain. Your generosity isn't just relieving a debt; it's investing in my well-being and the ability to meet essential needs. Join me in shaping a future where financial freedom opens doors to a more secure and fulfilling life. The money will be used to pay of the remained of my student debt which is R200 000. I have already paid of R50 000 of the total R250 000. Any help will have a lasting inpact! Thank you very much in advance.

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R 150 000.00

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