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Hi, I am Marthie Engelbrecht, the proud mother of Marioné who has qualified, by receiving four gold medals as vocal solist performing at Talent Africa National Finals 2023. She will be representing the SA Federation Team for Performing Arts in America and Spain during June/July 2024 as vocal solo artist, competing internationally as well as the opportunity to learn from the best. This is an amazing achievement as Marioné only started her official vocal coaching in April 2022 at Ovievibz music school in Montana, being coached by Franzelle Dorfling. This is Marioné's first year entering various competetive events and it became abundantly clear that she is a vocal performer to take note of. 

Marioné has received an array (about 18 gold medals) and her total dedication and love for music, was clear. What made these achievements even more amazing and something that we as parents appreciate, is the fact that Marioné has both OCD and ADD with serious touch and sound/hearing sensitivity syndrome. We never imagined that she will perform on a stage, by herself. In this, we knew she has a fighting spirit and overcame her personal challenges everytime she had to perform. Although there is no cure, she committed to herself, on her own, that she won't let these issues steal and ruin her dreams. Her performances brought loads of tears to people who doesn't even know her. 

When you test her music knowledge, it is clear, she lives, sleeps, learn, and is music. She knows every artist, why a song was written, who composed it and the meaning of the song. I found this to be really amazing as many 16 year olds are busy with other things, she sings, she listens and takes to heart every song that she knows. 

This opportunity is one that we as parents pray for her to be able to attend to give her that experience and opportunity to compete at this evel. I will be joining her as her chronic illnesses and personality is if such a nature that she won't go without mom joining her. Unfortunately this means we have to get the funds to enable her to go and get mom to accompany her. She has already been blessed with a R5000 donation and my son's girlfriend won the raffle ticket for a flight with the team. She immediately gave the ticket to me and said this is the trust and believe we put in that we can't see, our believe and trust in how God has already sent people on our path that led to this amazing event and opportunities. We reach out to individuals, businesses who are able to help us to reach the remainder of the funds. 

Every donation, no matter the amount, even R10, makes a difference and contributes to our goal to get her to New York and the Spanish tour following the New York tour. If you feel that you want to support our goal, we will really appreciate it. We hope and pray that God will bless us further, as He already did, which on its own is a testimony of how He works through other people, even strangers that never heard her perform, to donate towards our goal. This is a dream come true, an opportunity for her to compete and learn and really embrace and use her talent. We know that it is tough times and if you are not able to donate something, that is also perfectly fine. We trust that God will bless this outreach from our side. Our God is an awesome God.

From a premature 1,2kg born baby to a beautiful young 16 year old girl, with a voice that enspires people, that touches their inner emotions and for the word she received that she will be a leader, I believe that it will be through her talent as a vocal artist. 

Thank you for reading our story and taking the time to let God lead you but also bless you. We will pray for His blessing, even if you are not able to donate. Love and support is also a donation.  Blessings from the Engelbrecht family 

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