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A Christian based ,registered non-profit and public benefit organisation located in the Eden district in Sedgefield, which is in the Western Cape province of South Africa We celebrated our 13th birthday in 2019. We build partnerships and work collaboratively with the public and private sector as well as local organisations in order to serve those: living in Smutsville, Sizamile, Fairview, Karatara, Elandskraal, Barrington and Farleigh who have been infected/affected by: HIV/AIDS and TB as well as widows, orphans and the destitute.

The campaign that we are  currently seeking funding for is our Bursary fund. There is no high school in Sedgefield and the poverty-stricken children in our area can't get to school as there is no public transport to the high schools in the next towns. The Bursary fund pays school fees and provides transport as well as essentials such as school uniforms, shoes, feminine hygiene products and stationery so that the children can stay in school.



Donor Messages

thank you Keith for the engagement!
Petra de Back
Education is the only way out of poverty. Thanks for supporting these kids.
Well done for supporting such a great cause