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Food please my kids My tooth Campaign

Dear Supporters,

I hope this message finds you in good health.

I'm a mother of two girls whom I fail to support, yes, I am a devoted mother to two wonderful girls, striving to provide them with a future filled with hope and happiness. However, life has recently thrown us into a challenging situation, and I am contacting you for your kindness and support.

We were recently forced to leave our previous home due to financial struggles, leaving us homeless. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to support my daughters adequately. We now have a place to stay, but even basic necessities like food have become scarce. To add to our difficulties, both my youngest daughter and I are suffering from severe dental issues, making our lives unbearable. The pain is excruciating, and the cost of dental care is beyond our means.

I am seeking assistance to restore our smiles and alleviate our pain. Dental treatment, especially for front teeth, is crucial for our confidence and overall well-being. My daughter is only 17, and I am 35, and we believe that we have our whole lives ahead of us. Your support will enable us to access the dental care we desperately need.

Your generous contribution will make a significant impact on our lives.

Every donation, no matter how small, brings us closer to our goal. Additionally, if you know of any public facilities or resources that can assist us, your guidance would be invaluable.

Thank You.

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