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Mankosi Animal Well-being Initiative



MAWI -is a Non-Profit Company inspired and started by two women and a young man, with the goal of empowering the women and youth in their rural community by aiding and training them in animal care with this wonderful outreach initiative and by doing so setting an example to others and giving back to South Africa.


1.Educate community on animal care 2.Teach community members to treat mange themselves 3.Treat mage and minor illnesses 4.Assist with supply of food for the animals to the people who are destitute 5.Host spay drives for the animals to control over breeding 6.Supply and educate the community on how to administer Deworming tablets, dipping to control tick, flea and other parasite infestations, administering mange treatments, rabies vaccinations as well as vaccinations for other infectious diseases.

6.All with the goal of saving their animals from enormous suffering, discomfort and possibly fatal consequences

  • To help provide desperately needed animal care, education and medical assistance 
  • Teach the community members to treat the animals themselves 
  • Obtain an animal mobile clinic
  • Work towards having a vet and animal care inspector in our area



Donations to date

R 2 266.66

Fundraising target

R 30 000.00

Donor Messages

Margie and John Plianthos
Thank you for all you do to assist the animals at the Wild Coast. We salute you and hope our small contribution will assist your efforts. God bless you!
Addinall Family
Something small each month to help these poor little souls
Addinall Family
Something small each month to help these poor little souls
Keep Going Earth Angels????????
I run an outreach programme in a poor community in Cape Town ...sharing the love . Thanks for all you do xxx
Thank you for helping those without a voice
You guys do an amazing job out there.

Activity feed

Margie and John Plianthos donated R 514 to Mankosi Animal Well-being Initiative via Save our animals and village
09 Oct 2019 R 514
28 Sep 2019 R 103
28 Sep 2019 USD 56
21 Sep 2019 R 514
19 Sep 2019 USD 6