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Equipment loss Campaign

One year ago, I proudly walked across the college stage, armed with both a certificate and a dream. Delving into the realm of freelancing, I found solace in the independence it granted me, allowing me to bid farewell to my mom's house at the tender age of 22. As the months passed, I toiled diligently, saving every hard-earned penny to purchase the tools of my trade—a Sony A7II, a Drone Mini 2SE, and a Mini Ronin-S gimbal.

Balancing rent payments exceeding R3,000 and the weight of self-sufficiency, I persevered. However, fate dealt a cruel hand on December 28, 2023. A routine freelancing gig took an unexpected turn when, in an act of apparent goodwill, we offered two strangers a ride. Little did I know, that night would shatter the foundation of my aspirations.

Upon reaching our destination, the truth unveiled itself: my bag, a repository of my dreams and hard work, had been pilfered. The loss was profound – my Sony A7II, Drone Mini 2SE, Mini Ronin-S gimbal, and even my laptop were gone. It was a cruel twist of fate, rendering my endeavors futile in the blink of an eye.

Today, I stand before you, my heart heavy with the weight of shattered dreams. I implore each compassionate soul reading this to extend a helping hand. The fund I seek isn't for extravagance; it's a humble plea to rebuild my toolkit. Freelancing without equipment is an uphill battle, one that I face with the scars of my recent setback. Your support can help me rise again, capturing moments and forging a future from the ruins of my stolen dreams.

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