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It turns out that Meeka's middle ossicle (small bones inside of the ear) had signs of degeneration and were not working effectively. This would mean that the sound waves that came into her right ear, would not really be able to reach the cochlear. Going forward it meant that Meeks would need help or intervention.

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MCMorning Bstudy

Love and prayers

Andrew T
Rev strong Meekamoo
Midway Glass

Wishing you the very best on this journey..

van clan
God has a soft spot for little children and so do we - all the best sweet girl! xoxo
Our thoughts and prayers are with you little one.
Big kisses
Michelle and Quinton
The power of His Love ??
You have touched so many lives in such a short space of time - I hope we can touch yours <3
You guys are in our prayers xxx