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Help Stefane Urgent Hip Replacement Campaign

My mother-in-law needs to go for an urgent hip replacement that should have been done already in July, Due to financial circumstances we had to delay and delay the operation. 


She is on One Plan Professional, Medical Insurance but unfortunately, they only cover R63 500.00  for everything. 


My mother-in-law had cancer in 2012, Stage 4 Colon Cancer, and through fighting, prayer, and lots of support we got through that, 2021 she got COVID-19  and was in ICU for 12 days fighting for her life, 2023  in March my mother-in-law started complaining about pain in her legs and hip shortly after that in a matter of 2 weeks she was struggling to put any pressure on her leg, after being to a neurosurgeon and then to an orthopedic surgeon at Netcare Pinehaven Hospital, DR. Botha said she needs to go for a hip replacement ASAP because of Gout, anemia, Arthritis etc. 


Her youngest daughter ended up moving back to my mother-in-law to help her at night because she is struggling to walk, pain medicine does not help anymore, and to hear her cry like a baby at night because of pain really breaks our family's heart, because she has always been the strongest women we know and she has been through so much and it is very sad for us that due to financial reasons we cannot help her and take her pain away. 


The condition has such a big mental and physical impact on my mother-in-law's health. 


She was so used to being on her feet helping everyone and now it feels like we can not even help her.


Her youngest daughter got married on the 1st of September 2023 and she was so happy for her

Unfortunately due to her hip she was not capable of being herself and doing our first dance, but she still took her on their song and they danced on one place because she is her father and mother, all in one so that was her father and daughter dance with her mom. 

I have attached all the documentation as proof.

We are sincerely grateful for your generosity.

Your contributions mean the world to us and are deeply appreciated.


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Chantal Alberts
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