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Jan Du Rand Medical Assistance Campaign

Jan Du Rand - Oom Jan has been a Klerksdorper all his life, and is well known in the city. The first time I met him was many many years ago, as Manager at the very busy pub Legends., never imagining that he would later be in my employ. I opened a Restuarant/Pub called 1965 about 6 years ago and who should apply, yes you right, Oom Jan. We had a great working relationship for the next 3 years until I sold the business, but we have always remained in touch.

Oom Jan has Sugar Diabetes, and although it is in control, it has a severe effect on his feet and he now stands to lose a foot should he not get the medical treatment needed. I am not sure what the cost will be, but we all know how expensive any treatment is nowadays.
Oom Jan was retrenched 2 months ago, and has no income at this stage. Should he not receive treatment, I doubt if he could ever get a position anywhere. 
Can we please, reach into our pockets, and help this Legend back into health. Any donation will be so appreciated.
As Oom Jan's Medical Aid is yet again exhausted, he cannot continue with the treatment required, and all funds received will go towards him regaining his health in order to work.

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