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My is Melusi Brian Cele, a young motivated and goal driven man from the rural areas of Bergville. A recent graduate in BSc in Mathematical Sciences in Mathematics and Economics with Financial Orientation at the University of Johannesburg. I choose to study this degree since ,I am very passionate about finace in combination with data analysis and Mathematics. Being an orphan made me realize that the only key to my success is education. The understanding of Economics and Investment Management is one of my favorite things about the degree I chose. I am Investment worth due to that I am willing to make sure I excel in my expertise that have acquired in my undergraduate studies and bringing back to the society by making sure that the incorporation of finance and new statistical models is indeed in place and being implemented. Which will make life of finance much more easier and efficient in terms of accuracy and data extraction. The person who inspires me the most is my Mathematics lecture, since he has been my mentor through my journey of university. She has been my backbone and they way she has accomplished what she has a woman in the industry that is quite don't have a majority of women in it. I will pay it forward, by making sure that I set the example that coming from a poor background does not define your future. Create tutorials for Mathematics and be part of black excellence in the rurals. The person that I most proud of is myself, because I was able to stand firm in the mist of all the hardships that I faced during my undergraduate studies and after that being able to be even accepted for Honours, that makes me very proud of my growth and dedication. My future goals are to be a Financial Analyst in the being firms like Standard chartered that will grow my skills and understanding of my degree.

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