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Help with daughter school expenses Campaign

I'm a mother of two daughters. We are staying in a small town called Hankey. I'm currently working but My salary can't provide in all My daughter needs. My youngest daughter is 13 years old, has autism and ADHD. She also struggled with learning difficulty. And some other illnesses. I need to raise funds for her school year and her education needs. The funds I'm going to use as follows:
School fees for January to December: R25200
Registration fees: R1500
Stationary and necessary things : R3300
I didn't put in the transport because I'm still searching for transport for her. The reason why I pay it in my bank account is because I need to buy her stationery and necessary things as well.
We will be very grateful if you can support Mercha. We are facing a lot of financial difficulties. 


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R 30 000.00

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