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A miracle for mom Campaign

Hello there everyone! My name is Kylie and I am from the beautiful country of South Africa. I create artworks and designs to help fund medical bills. My life changed in the year 2020 when covid officially hit us badly. I had a day out and about with my mom as soon as the lockdown was lifted, we simply bought a coffee at a nearby Cafe and on our way to the car my mom suddenly went into spasm. The fear in her eyes said it all. We immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for tests and scans, but to no avail. Nobody could answer our questions. We saw radiologists and doctors from all over and they were all dumbfounded. My mom became a zoo animal to these tests and pills. I had the privilege of studying towards my dream career and one fateful morning my mother did not join me downstairs. I went to her bedroom and saw my mom curled into a ball, not able to move. She had been crying and her jaw was basically locked. We struggled with this locked in syndrome and unending pain for 7 months until we finally got a call from a researcher in Antarctica. My mother was then diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica. This basically means that the lining of her cells are constantly inflated, her bones are stiff and her muscles pull together which causes severe inflammation. This is extremely dangerous as it can cause blindness and strokes in its victims. The disease in incurable and the most we can do is pray. I humbly ask you to consider ordering an artwork or a design so that I may continue to look after my mom. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, God bless you. 


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