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Supporting Michael Myekwa Logo

Supporting Michael Myekwa

We would all love for Michael to stay our resident sand sculptor in Fish Hoek for a long time to come. Together, let's create a patronage and support him so he can devote his time to creating his beautiful artwork.

To contribute, please first select the project below, then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Hope we manage to help through winter. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Wish someone could take your talent to another level!
Bev Greogory
You have an amazing talent
Stefni Hill
Keep at the great work!!!
You are amazing!!
Keep it up Michael
Lovelysabine and family germany
You are amazing! You should study arts!
Thank you for sharing your talent and beautifying the world
You add beauty to the world with your talent. Thank you.