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Michaela Benade Education Campaign

My name is Michaela Benade. Durban, Westville

I’ve had the privilege of attending Thomas More College on a scholarship based on my academics, sports and good fellowship award. Since I was little I always had a deep feeling of achieving great things in life and making a difference in the world. 

I’m currently in grade 11 and have been invited to take part in the Round Square International Conference held in the UK. This conference consists of development of leadership skills as well as character education and experimental learning. It empowers and challenges students to make a difference in the world. 

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Donor Messages

UK here we come!!!
Go for it Miks x
All the best Miss Benade
Lynnette Calder Jones
Smash it
Good Luck!
Shirley Benade

Holding thumbs for you my darling Mikki

Shirley Benade

Holding thumbs for you my darling Mikki

Shay naidoo
Good luck Miks x
Camryn Benade
I believe in you Miks!

Activity feed

14 May 2022 R 2 000
13 May 2022 USD $ 62
29 Apr 2022 R 1 000
Lynnette Calder Jones donated R 500 via Funding to get to Round Square International Conference
24 Apr 2022 R 500
23 Apr 2022 USD $ 64