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Dear friends,family and any generous heart reading this. I am Michelle Erasmus from Vanderbijlpark who has lost both her parents a few years ago 5 months apart from each other. I have been struggling with death anxiety since then but had somehow managed it. The last year has been extremely difficult as I now have a severe anxiety and panic disorder.I have had to pay normal GP's privately just to get depression meds cause I did not have the funds to visit a real psychologist. I am so frustrated with my life that has been turned into a complete mess from a total alive,energetic,vibrant person it's been a rough road to here. I have found a registered psycho therapist Cornelia Jacobs that would be able to help me return to normal within 3 sessions garunteed R900 per session. I know in today's life people can't just spend money on every little situation but please as this may seem little to you. To me it is the most huge constant awfull thing in my life that is stopping me from being able to live. What I would do to just feel and go on normal again.
Thank you for the time you took to read this. I appreciate each one of you more than you think. With all my mental love 😍 Michelle


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