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Michelle van Niekerk Family Support Cause

My name is Michelle Van Niekerk. My husband and I are aspiring to raise funds for our family of four, which includes two beautiful boys. We lost everything since the Husband was involved in a motorcycle accident, involving an intoxicated driver of a vehicle being the cause of the accident. Schalk sustained multiple fractures to his left side of the body, was air-lifted in a critical condition to hospital whereby he would only be discharged 3 months later. He was in a coma state for 11 days and woke up on his 38th birthday on the 10th of April 2018.

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Donor Messages

Wanted to help a little x
Hoping for a full recovery
Thinking of you xx
Candy Francis
Saw your message and wanted to help
Mary-Anne Frank

On behalf of Fiona Frank who would have wanted to help

Wishing you blessings!


Lots of love
Darren Chambers
Sorry to hear Michelle, keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers