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Mickey Centre of Excellence for autistic children and adults Logo

Mickey Centre of Excellence for autistic children and adults

We are a day care and residential centre for autistic children, teenagers and adults in Milnerton, Cape Town.

We provide daily care and learning in a safe and calm environment. A small group, to ensure the best care and 1-on-1 attention to each pupil/resident. We are a safe space where routine, scheduling and life skills are taught daily to our learners. We want to assist our learners and residents to fit into everyday society and we provide a tailor made, custom education programme with daily schedules and routines to assist our learners to reach obtainable goals and their full potential. We believe in providing a pressure free learning environment where they are free to learn and be who they are in order to achieve at their own pace.

The Mickey Centre of Excellence is a home away from home, with amazing staff and parents who are involved in our home and centre. Together we make a difference, together we take a stand towards autism awareness.

Our Mission:Our mission is to assist autistic children and families on their journey through autism. To build a safe place for their children to be safe, learn and socialize.

The central focus of the Mickey Centre of Excellence is to improve the quality and excellence of life of individuals with autism. Our aim is to provide care, development and learning for individuals with special needs through their life span and open doors of opportunity and prospects – from early childhood, to further education and employment in adulthood.

The Mickey Centre of Excellence is a multidisciplinary initiative drawing on expertise from all areas such as education, health, social and behavioral sciences.

Our Values:We respect the intrinsic and unique worth of every individual, and serve with compassion and dedication to discover, build, and celebrate the ability of each person. 

We act with integrity and achieve through the synergy of teamwork between staff, families, and the communities that support our mission.  

We pursue innovation to strive for excellence in services for persons with autism, to maximise potential and create opportunities to thrive in the community.

Our Centre:We have a classroom where we have a full-time facilitator/tutor with assistants. In our sessions we do one-on-one play based therapy and also address the following:

  • Social interactive behaviour
  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Independent skills Sensory play
  • Arts and crafts
  • Numeracy
  • Language and communication
  • Vocational training
  • Curriculum tutoring
  • Imagination and thinking
  • Music therapy
  • Life skills

We go for walks and to the park on a daily basis (weather permitting) for OT sessions. We socialise and make new friends on our walks and also do trips to the beach and other outings.

Life skills are taught daily in everyday life about what goes on around us.

Our centre and classroom is filled with fun, laughter and love. This enables our children to be free, to participate in interest led learning through play, and to get the proper stimulation they so desperately need. We create a safe and fun learning environment where both parents and children are stress free and have a support system.

We value the input and involvement of parents and provide a support system to them and their families.

Our residential care centre offers the best care and attention 24/7. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our centre and home.

We want to be a voice for our autistic children and families and more importantly, we want to give them a voice.

Obviously running a centre like this costs a lot of money and takes a lot of effort from all involved.    Because we are not subsidised by the government, we are solely dependent on the public to assist us in keeping our centre operational.

We really would appreciate ANY kind of donation. Our wish list is as follows:

  • Monetary donations which is a tax benefit to you
  • Food
  • Educational toys
  • Volunteers in the form of speech therapist, occupational therapists, physio therapists, music therapists
  • Equipment for our classroom (storybooks, puzzles, balls, stationery, paper)
  • Printing of flyers and posters
  • Cleaning materials and toiletries

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