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Mindset Network NPC

Mindset Network is a non-profit organization with a PBO number.

It was established in 2003 by group of stakeholders from government, corporate companies, foundations and strategic partners which recognized imbalances of the educational system in South Africa. The organization was created to address the challenge by creating quality multi-media (video, computer based and print support notes) educational content and distributes via various platforms including DStv channel 319, Openview HD, StarSat, online media, school stand-alone appliance and DVDs to largely rural schools’ learners and teachers. Mindset’s schooling program has developed over 800 hours of video content, supported by print study guides, for grades 10 – 12 learners and teachers. 

Teachers – Mindset Teach, a program designed under the understanding that ‘the quality of the education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers’. For historical reasons, South African teachers are generally poorly trained, demoralized and the system does not attract high quality new entrants. To help address some of these challenges, Mindset Teach was launched. It documents best practices in teaching, makes the video clips available to other teachers as short "coffee break" videos, so that teachers can learn from their peers. Videos can be accessed from the Mindset Teach YouTube channel.

Schools - Besides providing access to its content via broadcast television, the internet and DVDs, Mindset has also developed a site appliance. This small server stores Mindset content for on demand viewing on any device connected to the server via a local area network. The content is automatically updated via the Mindset satellite. Further, this satellite connection provides access for users to watch the Mindset TV television channel. The digital materials are accompanied by supporting print material that help teachers to make effective use of the video content provided. So far about 300 schools have been installed with receiving equipment in order to access the Mindset TV channel and content.


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