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Help Mini finish her science degree Campaign

As a passionate and committed student, I have strived to excel academically, maintaining a good average throughout my studies. However, the financial constraints associated with pursuing higher education have presented challenges that I am eager to overcome. My name is Minenhle (19), currently promoted to third and final year of my degree in bachelor of science in Biological sciences at Wits University. My journey as a student has not only shaped my academic understanding but has also instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility towards contributing positively to the world. I’m interested in pursuing my interests in human genetics which will help me enlarge my knowledge and also contribute to the large ongoing researches around human genetics and overcome diseases, particularly cancer. I have always maintained an excellent average throughout my entire schooling career and participated in all things leadership, that I was appointed as a school president in my matric year at the age of 15, making me the youngest in the entire grade. This was because I finished school quite early than most my peers as I had skipped grades in school. This proves my immense commitment to my education and being able to prioritise my education. However, coming into my second year of studies, my single mother couldn’t continue paying for my fees as it has become increasingly hard to maintain our household as a family of 5 in this economy with a limited employment opportunities. This has led to having outstanding fees and not being able to register for my final year. I cannot allow all my hard work throughout the years to go to waste, as this will force me to stay at home and be unable to continue my studies. I’m asking for help in paying off my fees so I can continue in my pursuit of becoming a great scientist and contributing to the world of research. This is why I have come to ask for help. From the legendary Mother Teresa’s words, be the first to cast the stone to make the ripples in the water instead of waiting around for some change. This is me casting my first stone. Thank you


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