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Aunty Vivs Soup Kitchen Campaign

Aunty Viv: A Beacon of Hope

In the heart of Hangberg, there resides an aunty with a big heart, a humble yet extraordinary soul known to all as Aunty Viv. Her story is a testament to the unshakable spirit of compassion and the commitment to serving the community she loves.

It all began in 2019 when Aunty Viv, a 69-year-old pensioner, noticed a group of children playing in the courtyard behind her flat. Every Monday, without fail, these children came together, to ask for something to eat. 

Unable to turn a blind eye, Aunty Viv decided to take action. She would keep the leftovers from her Sunday lunch to give to the little ones. In doing so, she realized a profound and undeniable truth: her community needed her. She saw a need. That's how Aunty Viv's Soup Kitchen came to be.

Aunty Viv is a pensioner and she started dipping into her own pension to buy ingredients, on a mission to feed those in need. It is quite a difficult road and there are times when her pension is stretched to its limits, but Aunty Viv's resolve remains unbroken.

As the weeks turned into months, her small act of kindness blossomed into a lifeline for many. The community began to rely on her unwavering commitment to providing a warm meal and a caring heart. Aunty Viv's kitchen had become a refuge for those struggling to make ends meet.

Despite the challenges and the financial strain, Aunty Viv's determination never wavered. Her actions is a testament to the purest form of love and selflessness, driven solely by the desire to ensure that no one went to bed hungry.

Yet, as with any story, there are moments of hardship. Aunty Viv's own pension cannot sustain the growing need. The small donations she received, though deeply appreciated, aren't enough to keep her kitchen running at full capacity. Families who had come to depend on her are sometimes turned away, a heart-wrenching decision that weighed heavily on her.

She had given her all, and the well had run dry. 

Today, she finds herself with nothing to offer, but her heart still brimming with the desire to serve her community. She needs our help to continue the incredible work she's been doing for years.

Aunty Viv's choice not to formalize her efforts as an NPO was deliberate. She wants to avoid the administrative complexities and drama, remaining true to her mission of serving her community without distractions. Her advanced age, in her own words, made her appreciate life's simple joys and the happiness of ensuring that a few families could find sustenance at her table.

So now, it's our turn to extend our hand to Aunty Viv. She needs a helping hand to carry the weight of her immense love for her community. We are reaching out to kind-hearted individuals, like yourself, who can make a difference. Your generosity can ensure that Aunty Viv's Soup Kitchen continues to light the way for those in need.

Aunty Viv humbly requests any food or monetary donations you can provide. Your contribution, whether big or small, will be a lifeline for her kitchen. 

The staples she requires include 
tomato paste
tin fish
chicken necks
foam containers.

Would you consider making a donation to support Aunty Viv in her mission? Perhaps you can make a monthly commitment to ensure that her kitchen remains a beacon of hope for the community.

Your support can make the difference between despair and hope for those who depend on Aunty Viv's Soup Kitchen. Let's come together as a community, as a family, to show Aunty Viv our love and support. Every little bit helps, and together, we can ensure that no one goes to bed hungry in Hangberg.

To contact Aunty Viv, please reach her on WhatsApp at +072 136 8987. For monetary contributions, her banking details are as follows:

- Account Holder: V Wichman
- Account Number: 62224954942
- Bank: FNB

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your kindness can keep the fire of Aunty Viv's compassion burning bright. 

With deep gratitude and a heart full of hope,
Miriam and Aunty Viv

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