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Mischka & Bentley Relocation Cause

For us to relocate our 2 Labrador retrievers from Johannesburg to Amsterdam; Amsterdam to Toronto and the Toronto to Winnipeg runs a cost of R 85 000... Yes you read right, EIGHTY FIVE THOUSAND RAND. This is three times what it will cost for the 3 of us humans to fly over! Which gives me a little more insight and maybe even understanding as to why it is not always possible for people to take their pets with them...?I said MAYBE. But for us, this is not an option!!! 

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Donor Messages

Ons gaan julle baie baie mis! Ons wens julle alle voorspoed toe! So bly julle vat die twee woefe ook oor!
A worthy cause!
Johan en Christine Espach
Ons gaan julle mis!!
Wishing you all the best!!
All the best! xxx
Dearest friends and precious dogs, you deserve this xx
I'm gonna miss you all so much.
Holding thumbs