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Women Icon Awards 64234 Campaign

As an organisation, we are testament to the selfless and relentless work, advocacy and passion displayed by Mmatsetshweu Ruby Motaung. She serves on provincial and national structures and continues to advocate for effecting transformative change to the ECD landscape. Receiving the Women Icon International Leadership Award, in person, will have significant impact on her personal and professional growth. Please support us (Training and Resources in Early Education, TREE), in helping our Leader, Mam'Ruby, receive her award in India, in person.

Meet mam'Ruby...

Mmatsetshweu Ruby Motaung, is the Director of Training and Resources in Early Education (an organisation operating in six provinces in South Africa, with a special focus on Early Childhood Development). She leads a team of 164 employees, that is 100% female led. The organisation’s focus is on early childhood development and on educating and empowering women from rural and impoverished communities.

She holds a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Education specializing in Whole School Evaluation. In her 26 years in education, her focus was on early childhood development with a specific focus on curriculum development, policy development and children and youth literacy. She worked on policy development with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for many years. In her previous work, amongst other key critical roles, she worked very closely with the Department of Social Development – serving in the National Interdepartmental Committee (NIDC ECD), which is a structure that is working towards the implementation of the National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy (2015).

She has made significant efforts to help bring about transformative change to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector of South Africa. Her proudest achievement remains, developing and gazetting a policy on a professional qualification in Early Childhood Education (ECD) from birth to 4 years of age. This policy marks the first time in history of ECD (Birth to 4 years) in South Africa that a formal set of professional and post-professional qualifications from Birth to 4 years has been formulated as a national policy.

She was recently awarded as the Influential Women in the ECD Sector, South Africa (Influential Women & Artes Awards) and is the proud recipient of the Olympus International Award. As an advocate for ECD she represented South African and presented at the Africa Early Childhood Network and further represented South Africa at the World Forum on Early Education and Care held in Panama City, USA.

Her current project, addresses the inequities in teaching and learning experiences by predominantly rural, non-traditional learners. She successfully initiated a collaboration of NGOs working with a university, a project that is looking at developing a Thinking Teacher through Access, Retention and Success in Higher Education towards building a quality ECD Workforce. Thereby ensuring that these practitioners are able to overcome contextual barriers in order to be accepted into, retained and participate equitably in higher learning opportunities.


She continues to be a ‘champion and advocate for ECD’ working relentlessly to help bring about change in the ECD sector through serving in many committees that are shaping the re-imagining of the sector.


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