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My name is John Mojalefa, I'm 29 years old

At 27, my credit score was good and thought I should take a loan and  buy myself a car
I bank with FNB and when my loan was approved,  I decided to do the right thing and pay off my Foschini credit card , VodaShop loan for taking a laptop for varsity purposes and NSFAS loan after I dropped out due to not being able to pay rent, transport and feed myself 
Instead of buying a car
I then got a job at OK Foods but my salary was too low to leave Rands to be debited at the end of the month
I switched jobs (01 November 2023) and moved to Secunda, now working at a casino as a bartender, but still can't leave money because rent is too high this side.
All I am able to do is pay arrears every month to avoid interest building it up.
My loan was R80 000 but now is R51 000
Please help, any amount from 10 rand will be very helpful 
Thank you and be blessed 

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