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I am desperate to help Monica make her dreams come true - a dream not so common as it is normal to most - merely to have food on the table every night. The bank denied her this opportunity, as she does not qualify for a loan. She has a plan, to build three flats on her property to rent out. She already has 380/500 bricks (by skipping a few meals I'm sure - but she would never say) and a quote to get someone to make it happen.

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Donor Messages

Praying your dream comes true!!
Love you lots Monica!! You deserve every amount you get and for all of your dreams to come true!
Kate Crossland
Dear Monica, I wish you all the best with your project to improve your family's financial position for the future
God bless this initiative!
The Kanzlers
Wishing you all the luck and success Monica!
I hope all your dreams come true
Leigh van den Berg
Wishing you every success Monica!