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Hello, my name is Monique Campbell, and I am reaching out to share my newborn son's challenging journey into this world.

Born prematurely at 34 weeks due to a severe infection, my baby boy faced a tumultuous arrival. He was born unexpectedly in a bakkie outside a hospital, where medical care was delayed, leaving him struggling to breathe.

Since his birth, he has been battling lung issues and infections, requiring intensive care in the NICU for 17 days.

Unfortunately, my medical aid has not covered the substantial costs of his hospital stay, medications, daily tests, and pediatrician visits. As a result, I am burdened with overwhelming medical bills, compounded by the fact that I lost my job during my pregnancy. I have taken out loans to cope, but the financial strain has reached a critical point.

My baby boy was born on September 14th, premature and weighing 2.5kg, due to a serious infection. His unexpected arrival outside a hospital led to delayed medical care, causing complications with his breathing and overall health. He spent 17 days in the NICU, receiving extensive treatments to combat infections and lung issues.

The medical expenses have accumulated, and unfortunately, my medical aid coverage has fallen short. Here is a breakdown of the bills we urgently need assistance with:

- Ampath: R574.30
- PathCare: R2587.20
- Lancet Laboratories: R5457.38
- Medihelp: R6336.00
- Finchoice Loan: R2561.00
- Wonga Loan: R5914.43
- Discovery Loan: R16472.48

I never anticipated being in this position, but circumstances have left me vulnerable. Your help will not only alleviate the financial stress but also prevent debt collectors from seizing what little I have left.

I humbly seek assistance to cover these medical expenses, including outstanding bills from various laboratories and loans. Your support will not only ease our financial hardship but also ensure that my baby receives the care he desperately needs. Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in our lives. Thank you for considering our story and for your generosity.

I am grateful for any support you can provide. If you require proof of the outstanding balances or more information, please ask. I have also included photos of our journey to glimpse our challenges and progress.

Thank you,

Donor Messages

Michel O’Neill
Mon you are so brave, my proud of yourself. You have got this far. I am sending love ❤️ you are in my thoughts my friend.
Sending love and prayers x
Bianca Louw
Your little Liam is so precious & I’m so glad he is doing well. I can’t even imagine how traumatic that was for all involved. I’m glad that you have reached out for help so that you can really enjoy this precious time with Liam 💜

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