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Monkey Helpline is a Vervet monkey rescue, care, treatment and release organisation. They also provide sanctuary care for Vervet monkeys who for various reasons are non releasable.

Monkey Helpline has already rescued  many orphaned Vervet monkey babies this baby season and has 19 orphans in our care. Monkey Helpline has a human surrogate mommy Mabel Watts who provides primary care to all our orphans that come in. She is a full time volunteer and receives no remuneration for the work she does.

It is impossible to care for all these babies by herself and she desperately needs to employ a helper to assist with care, cleaning and enrichment as well as to help with all the tiny babies needing bottle feeding and lots of love.

These little ones drink human milk formula which is very costly and also need verlterinary treatment as many are injured in whatever trauma it was that separated them from their natural mommy.

Monkeys in KZN are attacked by dogs as they pass through the properties, hit by cars as they cross roads, even shot at or poisoned by people who are intollerant of the presence of the monkeys. We need your help to raise the funds required for Monkey Mommy Mabel to continue to provide for these babies and these babies.need your help so they can get a second chance at life. A life that will ultimately see them introduced to a group of rescued Vervet monkeys with whom they will be bonded and ultimately released back into the wild. 

We need to raise R100 000 to cover all these needs for the next 6 months. Many thanks!


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