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Although we are all well, our situation here for Monkey Valley Resort and our dedicated staff during this government CV-19 lockdown is becoming critical. With the advent of the government-imposed lock down on the 26th March, we are effectively prevented from operating our resort and restaurant business until level 1, in the unknowable future. The govt. advised that they would make provisions for supporting tourism, hospitality and their employees. To date they have done very little of anything promised.

We would be truly grateful for your assistance to allow MVR to continue to deliver our unique hospitality and pay our friendly staff, no matter how small the contribution.

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Donor Messages

Getting to relax at, dine, drink, party at Monkey Bay, and the people and staff, were food for my soul. This was a healing and special place/time for me.
James Watlington
Best wishes to you and your staff.

Best of luck and hope better days are near.

Dean Liprini
I wish I could offer more I have enjoyed all my group tours with you and look forward t the next!
We enjoyed our recent stay at Monkey Valley, and trust you will be able to operate normally before too long.
Enjoyed my stay there and hope to return. Wishing you all the best!
Sue Marx
Good luck, guys!!
William Ddamulira
Difficult times.
Paul & Jacqueline Lotter

We so miss Monkey Valley since moving to the UK in 2017. The restaurant (Hollandse biefstuk and Long Beach pizza) used to be our favourite when we lived in the deep South. Wishing you all the best!

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11 Jul 2020 USD $ 106
09 Jul 2020 USD $ 124
07 Jul 2020 USD $ 29
07 Jul 2020 R 210
06 Jul 2020 USD $ 124