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Monty Vet Bill Cause

Help Debbie pay for 8½ year old Monty, who sustained injuries to his L6 and L7 vertebrae, as well as to the sacrum area. Monty is in incredible pain, and Debbie is in need of financial assistance to cover his vet bills.


To contribute to this cause, please click on the link below...

Donor Messages

Ryan P
Get better soon Monty!
Jelly & Ceasar
Luffs from the Knysna Fluffs
Happy homecoming Monty
Sterkte Vir Monty
Ena Barkhuizen
My mom donated so donating on her behalf ????
Every little bit helps
My boy suffered a spinal stroke earlier this year. It was terrifying and cost a fortune. We were blessed with a full recovery and pray for nothing but the same for Monty.
Get well soon, Monty! Be the goodest boy you can be. x
We are only truly blessed if we can share that blessing with others, especially those in need. Hope Monty gets to come home to his mama soon! Xx