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Moravian Church Department of Development, Diaconic and Welfare Services

The historic town of Wuppertal in the Western Cape is a former mission station and is home to a community of people who are decendants of the original Moravian Church worshipers. 

Originally founded as a Rhenish Mission Station, much of Wupperthal’ purpose and early history centered around offering sanctuary and home to freed slaves from the region. With the Rhenish Mission gradually scaling down their activities within South Africa, Wupperthal and its people became of part of the Moravian Church in 1965 under whose governance the region remains today.

Wupperthal is a vibrant, group of communities who incorporate strongly instilled communal values into day to day life. The resident communities continue to this day to operate in a self autonomous manner largely isolated from a modernised world. 

Employment rate is less than 10% and the village predominantly relies on subsistence agriculture and the production of organic rooibos tea.

Aside from the Moravian Church’ obvious role as the spiritual centre of the region, the Church also takes self appointed responsibility for the well being of and to provide for all who reside under its remit. The Church at Wupperthal, without any substantive external income, has ensured the ongoing ability to financially provide for healthcare of its residents, education for and bursaries to its young learnersalongside complete maintenance of the property and abodes within – a mammoth undertaking and challenge that grows in difficulty as time progresses.

The Moravian Church has, on a shoestring budget, produced exceptional results for the people under its care for nearly 2 centuries. Today, with increasing outside world pressures becoming ever more evident on the Church’ ability to continue achieving this, help is required to help preserve the regions unique culture.Fruitful Futures has recently been appointed as a development partner for the Church and the community of Wuppertal and manages tourism and agriculture projects in Wuppertal. Since the devastating fire on 30 December 2018, we have also stepped in to manage the media and co-ordination of fundraising efforts for the town.


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