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Good day, everyone whom might be reading my story. My name is Morné Roets. 47 years of age.

I am a decent, clean biker. In 2016 I lost my right leg in a horrible biking accident before I could really enjoy biking adventures. I am riding bike again with no modifications and a prosthetic leg .Yes I fall sometimes. Unfortunately, Due to losing my leg and age I can't find work.

Income is really difficult. I've always had a passion of doing a full rally. The poison rally has always my dream and is in Rustenburg 1 - 3 December. My dream is to ride all the way there witch is approximately 980kms attend the rally and return on my own steam.

I want to be an inspiration for other amputees, set an example that amputee life can be without limitations and at least forefull one of my dreams.

The funds will be used for fuel, tolls and accommodation. 
Thank you for reading my story. 

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