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Mountain Club of SA - Search and Rescue Team Logo

Mountain Club of SA - Search and Rescue Team

If you (or your loved ones) enjoy being 'Out There' in the mountains, please consider supporting those who contribute their time to Search and Rescue.

To contribute, please first select the project below then the 'donate' button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Alex Jordaan
Thanks for doing an awesome job!
These amazing volunteers saved my life.
Dale Kitchin
Always comforting to know one can call on mountain rescue if need be when out in the hills!
Thank you for the great work in the mountains.
Good to know you guys are so well trained.
you guys rock :)
Hopefully I'll never need you guys, but who knows?
Nicole Morse
Thanks to all who volunteer
Dr Caryl Richmond
Thank you for your hard work, sweat and tears!