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Moving Mountains for Cancer Patients

Moving Mountains is a Non-Profit Company, headed by people with an interest in the treatment and prevention of cancer.  The founding members recognised through their own experiences (directly or indirectly)-

  • that financial support to cancer patients who do not have the financial means to undergo treatment is limited as most organisations provide ancillary support to cancer patients who are under treatment. This prevents cancer patients from receiving treatment timeously which could have life threatening consequences.
  • the benefit of providing support for the holistic treatment of cancer patients through the integration of conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, as well as researched plant and herbal science, together with the benefit of nutraceuticals, regular exercise, reduced stress and a well-balanced diet.
  • that cancer patients are in need of constant support in terms of their treatment for example, receiving guidance or further clarification on diagnostics, blood tests and psychological impacts.
  • the availability and value of unconventional treatment for cancer patients.
  • that prevention is better than cure and a healthy lifestyle is critical in the fight against cancer.


Donations to date

R 1 111.50

Fundraising target

R 100 000.00

Donor Messages

Go Rita, go "kill" that mountain!
Garth Nicholls
You are a special person Rita ....a friend forever !
Anonymous LK
You have what it takes!
You can do this