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Fire leaves family of 5 with ashes Campaign Logo

Fire leaves family of 5 with ashes Campaign

Hi. I’m Muneerah and I'm initiating a fundraiser to support the Khan family, whose lives were tragically disrupted by a devastating house fire.

On Monday evening, October 2nd, at approximately 21:11, a fire broke out in the garage of the family home while the family of 5 were still inside. Everything happened so quickly that stopping the fire was not an option. The family had to prioritize their safety, and it is only by the will of the Almighty that everyone managed to get out safely. Sadly, they had to watch their entire lives, memories, and home burn to the ground in front of them. Despite their efforts, only a handful of belongings were salvaged, leaving the family with nothing but the clothing on their backs and one remaining car.

Seeking help is one of the most challenging things to do, but in circumstances like these, where options are very limited, I humbly ask you from the bottom of my heart to join me in rebuilding hope and providing the Khans with a fresh start. Your generosity can make a significant impact on their journey towards recovery.

Any amount, whether big or small, will be highly appreciated. If you aren't by the means to contribute money at this time, a share with your friends and family would mean the world to them.

Please keep in mind this is a very traumatic experience for everyone involved, so kindly respect the family's privacy during this difficult time


Fundraising target

R 50 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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