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Musiqulaine SA

Musiquelaine SA (MSA) is a transformative music education initiative founded in 2013 by Lainey Trequesser in Steenberg High School, Cape Town. The programmes aims to empower at-risk youth by offering high-quality music education from primary to tertiary levels. MSA fills the gap in music education in a marginalized community, providing students with opportunities for personal growth and talent development. Through its holistic approach, MSA not only nurtures musical abilities but also instills valuable life skills, leading to improved academic performance and positive behavioral changes. The programmes has a profound impact on the students' lives, offering a positive alternative to the challenges they face and creating a supportive community where every student can thrive. MSA's vision is to break the cycle of poverty and marginalisation by fostering talent and empowering youth through the power of music. By aligning with national and global development agendas, MSA contributes to promoting social cohesion, reducing inequalities, improving public health, and fostering creativity and collaboration. Through its unwavering commitment to music education, MSA is building a foundation for success and creating a brighter future for South Africa's vulnerable youth.

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