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Gauteng indoor netball Tournaments Campaign

I know back a buddy is there for bigger amounts and for bigger thing but I'm
taking the change to try any contributions is welcome not matter how big or
small amounts are being appreciated.
I have the passion for Netball for around 16 years and I have been selected
to represent our provincial in 2x IPT Ladies B and O/30 Ladies tournaments
in the next 3 months.
I have also been chosen to Coach 3x teams (u12, U13 and U17) and asked to be
manager of 3x Teams (U15, U23 and O/30) as you can hear I'm very involved.
Netball is a huge part of my life as the people in my live knows that and
that I live for Netball.
SO, I ask for any help towards my tournaments coming up in the next 3
My Ladies O/30 tournament will take place from the 21st April -28th April
2024 at Vaal Arena, Vereeniging and my Ladies B tournament will take place
from the 4th May -12th May 2024 at Montague Arena, Cape Town. Teams from
KZN, Midlands, Vaal, Boland, Western Province, Eastern Gauteng, Western
Gauteng, Central Gauteng, Southern Gauteng and Northern Gauteng will
participate during this time.
We herewith humbly request financial assistance to cover the cost for
accommodation, netball attire and sports gear. The anticipated cost is R14
000 per player.
During this Tournament 88 teams will participate on the A and B sides, thus
giving a total of 1760 players participating. Parents and supporters are
definitely not out of the equation and attend these Tournaments with great
passion for the sport. 
Taking the above into consideration, your contribution / sponsorship will
receive massive exposure over a period of six days which the Ladies where a
shirt with your contribution / sponsorship on their backs.
Please be so kind to consider any contribution towards the above cost which
will be highly appreciated.


Fundraising target

R 14 000.00

Donations to date

R 0.00

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