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Hi every

My dear mother, who is suffering from emphysema, is in desperate need of oxygen. Her oxygen levels have plummeted to a dangerous 82%, and despite our best efforts, they continue to drop. Due to the exorbitant travel costs to the hospital and the unfortunate refusal of state assistance, we are left with no choice but to seek help from our community.

I am striving to raise funds to purchase a machine that generates its own oxygen, along with an oximeter and nasal cannula, essential tools that can help stabilize her oxygen levels on a daily basis. Her oxygen levels need to be at least 92% for her to have a fighting chance. The funds I am trying to gather will be utilized for acquiring these crucial medical supplies, as shown in the images I have uploaded. These items will not only stabilize her condition but also grant her the comfort and dignity she deserves in her battle against this debilitating illness.

I want to emphasize that I am her only child, and I have no source of income to cover these substantial costs. We have exhausted all avenues, including applying for disability grants, without success. As a last resort, I am turning to our community, to you, in the hopes that your generosity and compassion can make a difference.

Your support, whether big or small, will mean the world to us. It will not only alleviate the financial burden but also bring a glimmer of hope and relief to my mother, allowing her to live her days with a bit more comfort and peace.

If you find it in your hearts to assist us, please know that your kindness will never be forgotten. Your contribution will not just be a donation; it will be a lifeline for my mother, providing her with the oxygen she urgently needs and the chance to fight this battle with strength and determination.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for taking the time to read our story. 

If you can help in any way, please reach out. Together, we can make a difference and give my mother the gift of life, love, and hope.


Please consider contributing to this cause by clicking on the link below.

We welcome and appreciate all donors who are covering the platform fee, because more of your donations will go to this campaign. Thank you.


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