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Help Kelly Webb with her Special Needs Campaign

Charmaine Webb and I were room mates at boarding school back in 1978.
In 1983 Charmaine went through a difficult birth and her precious daughter, Kelly Ann Webb was born with permanent brain damage.
Kelly is 40 years old this year, but it has been a very tough challenge throughout her life.
Kelly took far longer to reach her milestones, only walking at age  4 years, after persevering with the help of physio therapists and chiropractors. Her language ability is very limited to singular words but she does manage to follow simple instructions. She has a carer who is at her side 24/7 as she is a very active child-like adult and needs total supervision at all times. 
Kelly has struggled from birth, with major setbacks including regular hospital stays throughout her life due to being prone to seizures, chest infections, and many other medical conditions pertaining to her disability. Even regular dental treatment is carried out under sedation in hospital. Her hospital stays have far exceeded fifty visits over her lifetime.
Then in 2019 she developed interstitial cystitis which causes excruciating pain in her abdomen and has no cure. She lives on strong chronic medication for all these conditions.
She receives her liquid intake by syringe, 3 times a day with vitamins to prevent dehydration, as she no longer can swallow liquids on her own.
Charmaine was divorced while Kelly was young and she has had little to no maintenance support from her ex-husband over the years despite many court battles.
Charmaine has owned a garden maintenance and landscaping business over the years, but has always struggled to make ends meet. Her parents were always a generous support, both emotionally and financially over the past 40 years, however her mother recently passed away and her father is now struggling with rapid onset of dementia and is now living in a frail care facility.
Kelly’s expenses amount to R21 600 per month, including medical aid and gap cover payments of R5600, chronic medication of R4000, and her carers (night and day shifts) R12000, besides her general maintenance and care.
My appeal on behalf of Charmaine is that we raise sufficient funding through this channel, to create a nest egg to soften the financial burden on her. It has been a long upward battle to keep Kelly in a comfortable environment and to meet her special needs over the years, but the unconditional love from her in return has always given Charmaine the emotional support to persevere in faith over fear throughout her many years of struggle.
Please may I appeal to you, to consider donating to her finances with a target of R200,000 in mind
Be blessed and thank you. 
Nadine Haynes

Donor Messages

With love. x
Best of luck.
Pierre & Casey Fourie
We love you both xxx
It’s not much. But it may help if everyone adds just a little❤️
Jane Le Roux
May God bless you and keep you safe Kelly Webb 🙏

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