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Help Shivaan get to World Champs Campaign

Shivaan Batchelor has been chosen to represent South Africa at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association’s 2024 World Championships in the Netherlands. This is a momentous opportunity that combines his unwavering passion for bodybuilding, with the chance to compete on a global stage.

Why Your Support Matters: As an athlete, he understands that success isn’t a solo endeavor. It takes a village - a community of believers, supporters, and champions, to propel him forward. That’s where you come in! Your contribution can make a tangible difference in his journey:

·      Travel Expenses: The road to the championships involves flights, accommodation, and logistical costs. Your donation will directly fund Shivaan’s travel arrangements.

·      Competition Fees: Participating in the world championships requires entry fees. Your support ensures that he steps onto that stage with confidence.

·      Gear and Nutrition: From specialised sportswear to optimal nutrition, every aspect matters. Your generosity helps him stay at the top of his game.

How You Can Help:

·      Donate: No amount is too small. Every cent brings Shivaan closer to his dream.

·      Spread the Word: Share this campaign with your network. Let’s create a ripple effect of support!

·      Believe in the Journey: Follow Shivaan’s progress on social media [Shivaan Batchelor]. Your encouragement fuels his determination.

Together, We Can Achieve Greatness: By supporting Shivaan, you become part of something larger – a celebration of discipline, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Let’s raise the South African flag high and inspire others to chase their dreams.

#ShivaanToTheTop #DreamsIntoReality #BodybuildingChampion


Fundraising target

R 55 000.00

Donations to date

R 2 953.32

Donor Messages

Proud of you
All the best bru!
All the best make us proud. You are already a winner.
Make us proud!
Let’s get this ball rolling 💪🏽

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Anonymous donated R 200 via Help Shivaan get to World Champs
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06 Feb 2024 US $ 32
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